Transparency & Open Communication

The CMS Board of Education has a duty and responsibility to communicate through transparency with every decision that affects and impacts all schools, teachers and students.


The CMS Board of Education (BOE) is NOT accountable to the students and parents of Mecklenburg County on anything....whether its outlining a comprehensive plan to address the poor academic performance metrics, keeping guns out of schools or failing to partner more with the community. The current Board of Education is tone deaf to the crying pleas of parents and students who need their help.

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Teacher Shortages

The growing number of teachers LEAVING CMS is alarming, and there is NO plan on how to address teacher shortages that destroy academic learning, reduce both student and staff morale (school staff have to make up for shortfalls in staffing, and students are disheartened when teacher changes are made while classes are in session), and fail to provide students the learning environment needed to thrive and prosper.

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The failure of the CMS BOE to properly allocate the $1.7B budget toward necessary and strategic resources needed to give teachers the tools to teach students is shameful and even criminal. The utter lack of proper and competent management of these needed funds to a student population of over 143,000 is the EXACT reason why a complete and total overhaul of this BOE is needed ASAP.

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More Changes Are Needed

You Can Help Support Ro!

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“I will work hard for parents to bring back the faith and confidence in sending their children to CMS schools.”
– Ro Lawsin

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